Touchless Access
for every access point.

SIMSIM Cloud based access control system provides
modern, secure & touchless environments.

Simple yet, powerful.
access control system

Smart access control that is powerful, reliable, and simple to use. SIMSIM provides enterprise-grade security features required for the most secure buildings with great user experience customized to the users.

Mobile Access for Modern Workforce

Using our patented mobile access, your workforce can interact with our readers seamlessly and never need to worry if the Internet is down or cell service is weak.

Cloud-based access control

The intuitive cloud-based dashboard makes it easy to manage SIMSIM hardware, users, and policies across locations worldwide.

  • Eliminate the need of a local server
  • Remote Access from any device and from anywhere in the world
  • Control all the locations without the need for a dedicated LAN connection across locations.

Futuristic Hardware

SIMSIM Modular systems, multiple hardware options, and cloud software features make scaling your access control simple.

  • Hardware designed to upgrade existing infrastructure or Install a completely new system from scratch
  • Uses industry-standard wiring, and doesn't require any dedicated IP network for fast, frictionles installation.
  • Diagnose hardware remotely

Integrates with existing access systems

Using SIMSIM Cloud connector you can connect existing local access servers with the cloud. This will enable you to control your access from anywhere which keeping existing workflows intact.

Hardware that fits Everywhere

Meeting rooms
Boom Barriers
Residential spaces


Fastest way To System Upgrade

Supports your existing card credentials and works with your existing system, making it easy to upgrade existing system or install a new system from scratch.

Open APIs

Future proof your workplace with SIMSIM Open APIs which can be integrated with all the apps and tools you need to run your business.

Connect access systems across buildings

Multi-site management that accommodates granular and site permissions, and features designed to keep your business moving forward.

Easy Installation

With its modular design and industry standard wiring, SIMSIM hardware is can easily replace the or upgrade the existing systems.

Sounds Interesting?

Get in touch with us and we will work with you to provide access system customized for your needs.

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