SIMSIM Access Core

Plug and play design for easy expansion and customization

SIMSIM Access Core works with SIMSIM expansion boards to securely make all entry decisions. It can support up to 3 expansion boards via USB and supports wireless configuration through the Lockn Admin App/ Web Dashboard. The Access Core and its connected expansion boards should be installed inside an enclosure and may be powered using a 12V or 24V supply.

  • Cloud Security

    Encrypted end-to-end communication, strong public key cryptography


    Sync is our offline first tech which allows the system to operate even if your Internet connection goes down

    Simple Management

    Software runs in the cloud, no need to set up or maintain local servers and software.

    Fail Safe

    Designed to withstand power failures and Internet outages

  • Operating Voltage

    Operating Current
    0.7A @ 12VDC, 0.4A @ 24VDC

    2.3 x 3.5 in (5.84 x 8.89 cm)

    2 oz (57 g)

    Operating Temperature
    0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)

    Operating Humidity
    5% to 85% relative, non-condensing

    Communication Ports
    10/100 baseT Ethernet, 4 USB ports

    Backup Battery
    CR2032 3V, replace every two years

  • User Manual and Install Guide

    Download the Mobile Reader Pro User Manual and Install Guide to understand what steps are involved in getting Proxy up and running for your doors.

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